Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

We all have it. How can we change it?

Imposter Syndrome

Ketan Anjaria

There’s a lot of difficult things happening right now.

The world might seem like it’s falling apart.

I myself feel incredibly challenged if HireClub and coaching is the right way to make livable revenue. It’s tough when money is tight.

Maybe you are having a hard time finding a job. Maybe it seems like no one recognizes your value. If they only gave you a chance, they would see how awesome you are.

But after talking to so many HireClub members, it’s clear how similar the stories are. Whether you are at a job you love, or trying to find one, people feel incredible pressure to do well.

I’ve talked to VPs at Google who struggle with impostor syndrome. I’ve talked to junior marketing folks who struggle with imposter syndrome.

I kind of have a visual where everyone is looking at the next person, and think “oh maybe they have it all figured out.”

But I think the biggest issue with impostor syndrome is the devaluing of our self.

There will always be someone who’s on the next Forbes 30 under 30 list. But what words are you using to describe yourself?

If like me, are you your harshest critic?

The things we say to ourselves, would be abuse if said to a child.

So I’ve been spending some time on how I view myself. The words I choose to use.

I want to become my biggest fan. My strongest supporter.

It really helps if you have friends, family, love at your side. No amount of work or success can replace that.

There’s a simple gratitude exercise I’ve been working on.

Every morning, the first thing I say, what is one thing I love about myself?

That’s it. No formulas. No complicated books you need to by.

Just believing in the star dust that is you.



Phil Dillard Good post! I like to challenge myself to document 10 things I did right the day before and something that I'm thankful for. That helps me get going on tough days!

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