Fear and Hope

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Ketan Anjaria

It's very easy to let fear grip your mind.

Fear of losing income.

Fear of not finding a job.

Fear of not being successful.

Fear for your health.

Fear for your family.

America is gripped in fear lately. Every headline is scary.

Fear closes your mind. It makes it so you can't see opportunity.

It makes it so you don't want to change.

I have struggled with fear so many times in my life.

As a founder I struggle with fear every day.

As a parent, fear is almost daily.

Some days I feel like a genius and I'm making a beautiful dent in the world and other days I feel like a failure and that I will run out of money and never amount to anything.

These feelings sometimes can be minutes apart.

The origin of fear is from our hunter gatherer days. Fear kept us alive.

When your body is in danger, fear can help you.

But in the modern world, when there is less threats to our life, fear turns into anxiety.

I see this fear in our clients and community all the time.

The job search and your career is often full of fear.

It seems that everyone else just has it easy and why won't someone just give me a fucking shot?

Here's what I do when I feel fear.

It's called a fear check.

1 - Is my life in mortal danger? Am I at risk of dying? No?

2 - Is someone I care about in mortal danger? No?

3 - Do I have an eviction or bankruptcy notice? No?

4 - Is this feeling something I have to react to right this second? No?

5 - Is this fear real or is this anxiety?

Often the answer 1-4 for is no. And 5 is almost always yes.

It's anxiety that I let control me. Fear becomes an illusion.

But when I think about whether or not I am in real danger, I find new perspective with this fear check.

I often find gratitude.

I am grateful I am alive. I am grateful I am healthy.

Gratitude leads to hope easily.

I think in this world of fear, you have to practice hope, like you practice your jump shot.

Every damn day until you can sink it in with your eyes closed.

The practice of hope is beautiful.

Hope is powerful.

Hope lets you see opportunities.

Hope lets you believe in yourself.

Hope can bring you prosperity.

What brings you hope?

Please share it with us.


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