Focus on the Journey

Startups Pitching

Ketan Anjaria

Last night I went to pitch night with a bunch of angels. I was the last to go on.

Honestly, it all went so smooth. I didn’t feel like I was pitching. Just telling our incredible story of growth.

$1.2 million in salary increases. $280k in revenue which is 3x growth without ads.

We don’t spend money to acquire customers inefficiently and we are on track to be profitable by the end of this year again.

We aren’t selling $1 for .90 cents which is so common in this era of growth at all costs.

We consciously decided to continually invest into improving product. We are sweating all the small details.

I’m so proud of what the team has built. How many people we get to help. How we are making coaching accessible for so many.

None of us went to Stanford or MIT. I don’t even have a degree. All of us have different backgrounds. We range in age from 21 to 60 plus. Some of us are proud immigrants. Some are early in their career, and some very experienced.

Our customers are also incredibly diverse. From 18-65 and from every major city in the US and outside of it. We’ve broken past the SF tech bubble.

I know often the story of startups in SF can be narrow. 97% of VC funding goes to male founders. 80% of VC funding goes to white male founders. It often takes deep connections to make deals work.

But we are proving you can do things differently. You can create a company that puts people first and still makes money.

I know the deck is stacked against us but we’re tenacious. Whatever happens in the future, I’m trusting in our journey. That we choose to do the right things which are often hard and worry less about the outcome


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