Free is Very Expensive

Ketan Anjaria

Often people come up to me and say, can you give me some career advice?

And I’ll say, sure let’s book a session.

And then they say, why do you have to charge? It’s just advice.

You want free advice to help you make more money? Does that make sense?

I gotta eat too. My rent isn’t free.

I love helping people. I really do. We’ve done thousands of free sessions. I answer messages and emails at all hours of the day. And I love doing that.

We’ve had events with over 2000 attendees that are free and we give away incredible resources like our free resume templates, articles and videos. Those cost time and money to make.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to advocate for you making more money, if you can’t do the same for us.

There’s an interesting paradox I’ve seen. The paradox of generosity. Often the people we give the most free stuff to, keep on asking for more. Demanding. Entitled.

But the ones willing to pay from the start? Amazing customers. Kind, motivated, respectful. And they see incredible life changing results.

Our median salary increase is $17500 and often people have only paid $150 for that. That ROI is out of this world. Where else can you spend $150 and make $17k?

This is a hard thing to talk about because of course I want to help people and keep HireClub accessible, but for communities to stay afloat, to thrive, there has to be investment.

We all win when we invest in each other.


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