Happy Thanksgiving 🍁!


Ketan Anjaria

Happy Thanksgiving HireClub!

I am very thankful for you all.

I know this year, well to put bluntly, effing sucked in so many ways.

But I am very grateful we have this community. This online home where the misfits and dreamers and the kind souls who always have each other’s back come together.

In a time where social media is often used to divide, you all bring us together.

In a time where we sometimes lack the empathy to see the other side, you all are willing to jump fences.

In a time where it’s so easy to be hurt or mad or jealous, you all give freely and openly. In a time where workers struggle, you all speak your truth and hold each other up.

This community is truly exemplary of everything I think the internet can be.

And I am thanking my lucky stars for that.


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