HireClub Headshots

April 20th in San Francisco

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Ketan Anjaria Coach

HireClub Headshots are back April 20!


We’ve partnered with world renown photographer Cedric Terrell who has agreed to give HireClub a special deal.

Cedric has shot portraits, fashion, men, women, and people of color for years and his work is absolutely gorgeous.

Prices start at just $125.

This is a one time offer with Cedric as he has generously donated a portion of his normal fee.

HireClub Headshots also includes make up and a styling consultation.

We’ve already shot over 100 of our members and the results have been amazing!

You can book your appointment below and we will sell out. https://hireclub.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=category%3APhotography