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Ketan Anjaria

I started HireClub in 2011 with just 25 of my friends That’s relatively ancient in internet times.

It was just an idea. We didn’t plan to make money nor build a business.

Overtime it grew, it helped me find amazing people to hire and helped others find jobs.

Fast. To this day it’s one of the fastest ways I know to find work. Sometimes same day.

We’ve always had a set of rules to make sure people are just kind to each other. Paying it forward.

We started seeing more and more job referrals happening.

We also started seeing more amazing questions about work from the community and through out our seven years I basically started coaching people for free.

And then we really dug into it. Seeing the similar problems so many people face. Making a great resume, nailing that interview, being confident in your job search.

In this day of billion dollar three month old startups, we operate very differently. We don’t run ads. We don’t share your data. We don’t “growth” hack. We’ve raised some funding but only from you, our community. We don’t try to pretend we are something we are not.

We just listen 👂

Finding a job is one of the hardest things most people go through. After death, marriage and having a baby, it’s probably number 4.

Your work and career define so much of your identity. So what happens when your career isn’t where you want it to be?

Ultimately this is why I think coaching is so powerful. Someone to guide you in the darkest times of work. HireClub is the first company I’ve built where I actually subscribe to my own product and happily pay for it.

Too often we struggle alone in our job search without guidance or support. And most of the Internet is filled with out of date career advice.

When you really need help on your career where do you turn to?

That’s what my vision for HireClub is. A global community that helps each other succeed.

I thank all of you for letting me be there in your journey. And I love that we are actually for real making a difference in your careers. 🕺🏾😍🍪

Yours truly, Ketan

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