HireClub Job Seeker Meetup May 2018

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Ketan Anjaria

Last night we had our HireClub Job Seeker Meetup.

Honestly it was one the best events we've ever had.

Strangers sharing their job struggles with new friends. Sharing tips, helping each other out.

Just so much positivity and honesty.

I want to thank Cassie Breeggemann for initially spearheading this.

After doing my coaching this morning (Yes I have my own HireClub Career coach!), I was inspired with a vision.

What if HireClub in the future has an office where every night we have career meetups?

You could pop in for Headshots! You could come to the Designer's meetup to discuss fonts. You could come in the Product manager's meetup to discuss growth strategies. You could come to the Developer's meetup to talk about coding interviews. We build our community together in person.

As positive as I try to be, running a startup is hard. We've done something amazing in taking a Facebook group and turning it into a real business.

But revenue and paying myself and our team real salaries is something we still struggle with.

So events like last night, really fuel the fire. It shows me what's possible and that we are on the right track by focusing on the community.


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