How HireClub Got Started

HireClub Origins

Ketan Anjaria

Back in 2011 I was trying out a couple of ideas and still working on my design agency Finding great people to work with was always a challenge. So I created a facebook group, invited 25 of my friends and it just went off on it's own.

On our first day we had our first interview.

In our first week, we had our first hire.

I think the rules of HireClub and the guidelines are what makes it work. The one to one nature removes the depersonalization of typical job boards. Jobs are about people not job posts.

Over the first few years, I kinda just let it grow on it's own. We had happy hours here and there but I didn't really do much. The community grew organically. Starting in 2017 I really wanted it to grow and expand even further now that we have hit 10k members.

There is so much more to come though. HireClub brings me joy everyday. Not a day goes by without someone telling me how much it helped them get connections they normally wouldn't. It's my mission to make sure I can help as many friends as possible find jobs.


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