How to Handle Lengthy Homework Assignments for Job Interviews

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Ketan Anjaria

Here’s a template email for when a company asks for a homework assignment.

Dear $HiringCompany,

I really enjoyed coming in and meeting the team. I’m looking forward to joining should everything align!

I have a question about the homework assignment.

How many hours do you expect it to take? If it’s more than 2 hours, I’d like to propose two options:

  1. I come in to work with your team on the assignment so you can better evaluate my process and how we work together.

  2. I complete the assignment on my own, but I charge $50/hr to cover my time. I would love to fully engage with the work and to give it the time and energy it deserves.

I hope you understand that since I’m applying to multiple jobs, homework assignments can quickly add up and it wouldn’t be fair to work for free.

Let me know how you would like to proceed. I can’t wait to dig in and to show off my skills for you.

Sincerely, $name



Sherwick Min Also you can leverage these assignments as Value Validation Projects wrapped by a graphical presentation which you can feature via links in your portfolio or on Hire Club


Adrienne Yang Yes as a designer, we are often asked to do design projects as part of the interview process. Lots of times they don't have a time limit, but have a due date. I spent 3 days on a project and then didn't get the job... I wonder how do employers respond to that message? I would be reluctant as I'd be afraid it would affect me negatively.


Ketan Anjaria Those might not be the right employers then. It's a hard choice to make but we an only weed out negative employer behavior by calling it out. A competent, respectful org would not ask for 3 days.

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