How to Nail Video Interviewing

10 Mind tricks to make you feel centered and focused



We've all had to do video interviews. Here's some tips I've learned to make them go smoother. Consider these Jedi Mind tricks for interviewing!

1. Sit in a quiet place You don't want to be taking it from a coffee shop. Find a place that is quiet, private and free of any disturbances. This will help you get into the Zone.

2. Ensure you are connected One less thing to worry about: Check the WebEx link/ Xoom video link or whichever tool you've been asked to use beforehand and ensure it works. (WebEx already has this feature:

Additional tip: Be on the call 5 mins before the call begins. It will have an amazing calming effect on you as you gather your thoughts.

3. Look professional It is a video interview after all and first impressions apply here too. Dress formally.

4. Look at the camera, and not at the screen I know it doesn’t come naturally. This is something you need to train yourself to do in order to give the impression of making eye contact. Humans have a primal need to look in the eye while talking.

5. Keep a glass of water handy for the times when a sudden coughing fit decides to show up at the most wrongest time ever!

6. Sit facing the window Face the window so you get the best light on your face instead of causing a silhouette if you sat against light. Remember how you take selfies? Same logic :)

7. What's behind you? The wall behind you should not be too busy/ distracting. Come on, we have to encourage the interviewer to focus on YOU and not the Picasso painting behind you.

*8. Smile.. *you're on camera! (and breathe while you're at it).

9. Shhh.. Secret tip Be it any type of interview, always read your Resume AND the Job Description. This will help your mind quickly retrieve the most relevant experiences and bring it to the foreground. You will automatically feel more focused and ready.

10. Don't be stingy with effort; Give it your all! Once you are done, you will know you put your best foot forward. If it works out, excellent! If not, move on and think of it as practice for something better.

About me: I am a Psychology graduate with an MBA in HR. I have 6+ years' experience in sourcing, interviewing, negotiating compensation, and fulfilling talent needs. My head is full of tips when it comes to such topics. I also provide Resume writing and Job Search consulting services. I had fun writing this article. Hope it helps you! If you'd like to reach me, my email is


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