How to Write a Good Cover Letter in 2019

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Ketan Anjaria

1 - Most jobs don't require a traditional cover letter in 2019

Most recruiters we’ve talked to don’t require a cover letter. Not all job platforms do either. Your best is to get a referral or a coach to improve your job search.

2 - Keep it Short!

If a cover letter is required or you want to send an intro with your referral, keep it short. 500 characters. Yes you heard right.

Resumes are already long and recruiters are bombarded with applicants. Short and sweet is the best way to go.

3 - Make it extremely relevant.

" I was reviewing your new Acme Rocket widget and I realized it’s very similar to a project I worked on."

"I went to college with your CEO."

"I was at your last meetup and I loved meeting the team."

"I read your latest article on using AI to improve crop yields and that’s what I did my college thesis on."

4- Focus on Metrics.

"My last job I increased by 30% in 6 months in the same industry. I know the ins and outs of closing deals in Biotech."

"I managed 8 employees at my last job and was consistent voted number one manager."

"I launched 2 new products at my last role and they are growing 20% monthly."

These are very similar to your resume bullets hopefully and call out your wins.

Don’t be afraid to brag.

5 - Close with a call to action

"What times this week work to chat? I can chat Tuesday between 4-6pm or Friday is wide open."

"I’m super interested in the Designer position, what does your ideal applicant look like?"

"My friend Shelley referred me and told me how amazing the team is and that I would be a great fit. Let’s find a time to chat?"

6 - Include links to your personal website.

You do have a personal website describing how awesome you are right? If not you can link to your HireClub profile, your LinkedIn, Dribbble.

Recruiters/Hiring managers anything else you want to see in cover letters? Would love your insight.


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