How to Write a Great Job Post

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Ketan Anjaria

1 - Please no rock star, ninja, wizard, guru, etc in the title or copy

These terms are outdated, often sexist, and non-inclusive. Please stop with this. Everyone wants to hire someone amazing. We get it.

2 - Include a clear salary range

It's 2018, everyone loves transparency and data. Make it easy for applicants to understand your budget.

Bonus points for including clear equity offering (% of ownership)

3. Reassess your requirements vs. nice to haves

Most job requirements are a mile long and often the person posting the job probably doesn't fit the requirements either. Make it clear what is required vs. nice to have. We would love all that perfect purple squirrel but it doesn't exist. Most jobs should have around 5 requirements, everything else is a nice to have. All jobs will require some amount of training. Heck you required training when you got this job.

4. Use Textio to analyze bias

We all have bias. is a fantastic tool that lets you see if your language is inclusive or not. Often innocent seeming words have bias that could imply gender or class or racial bias.

5. Nice things to include

  • Who is this person reporting to?
  • Any direct reports expected?
  • Is work from home or remote work allowed? How often?
  • What benefits do you provide? Medical, Dental, Vision?
  • If it's local candidates only (no relocation or remote), its great to make that explicit.
  • Do you support visa sponsorship? Yes or no that's a great thing to include.

And finally the most important thing...

What's it like to work at your company?

Too often most job posts have very little personality and are just a list of requirements. A job post is a brand touch point. Who your company is and what they believe in can be communicated in a job post. It's not about perks like foosball but what kind of growth, environment and support someone can expect. Many companies say when you join the company, it's like joining a family. The best thing you can do in a job post is to describe what those family ideals are.

What else do you like to see in a job post?


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