Introducing Job Alerts!

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HireClub Features Job Search

Ketan Anjaria

You can now subscribe to job alerts at

Enter your keywords, job type (Full time, Part Time etc), role or city and we’ll email you when anyone posts a job that matches.

You can also turn off the emails and still get notifications on the site.

You can also create a job alert based on filters you apply at

Just click Create Alert once you’ve made your selections.

You can also create a job alert based on other jobs! Go to any job page and look for the job alert plus button at the bottom.

Just click that and any time a similar job is posted, you’ll get an email as well.

I think the best thing is to use the keywords field which does a text search vs other fields which might exclude jobs.

For example if you are looking for Remote Rails jobs, use Rails as the keyword and remote as the type.

This has been a oft requested feature and I want to talk through what it takes to develop a feature like this.

  1. I had to update our job search code to handle custom filtering (happened with v2 redesign)
  2. I created the basic job alert functionality but ran into a few gotchas.
  3. We don’t want to alert you of older jobs, so we have to make sure you only get notified once about a job that’s recently posted.
  4. Since you can have multiple job alerts that match the same job, we also have to make sure that you don’t get duplicate job alerts for the same job.
  5. In general just deciding what the filters are based on is a product challenge. Is it an “AND” search which is narrow and well defined so it gets you really fine results or an OR search which is broader? We choose AND so all your terms have to match.
  6. What’s the UI? How do we make it easy to create alerts and show you which jobs which match alerts?
  7. Performance. Each job alert has to do a search against every single job. Multiply that by the number of users that create job alerts. We’ve done some initial work to make sure it’s not too slow.
  8. What if the job is changed? Someones makes the job remote when it wasn’t before. Any matching job alerts should trigger then as well.
  9. Uniqueness. We can’t have you create 2 job alerts that are the exact same, you’d get multiple emails and that would be annoying.
  10. Privacy. All job alerts and settings are always private. There’s no way for other users to know what alerts you have.
  11. We probably missed a few things too! Product design is hard.

As always feedback is very welcome.

Please kick the tires and let me know how it works.

In this instance once you’ve created your job alerts, you might need to wait until someone posts a matching job.

PS Job Posters! This is all the more reason to create your job on before posting the job link in the group.

Job Alerts and all our upcoming features around jobs will help you manage the pipeline much easier than hundreds of DMs in your inbox.


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