Job Optimizers, not Job Hoppers

Let's retire an unfair term

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Ketan Anjaria

Let's talk "job hoppers". The term is deeply unfair and needs to be retired.

Long ago people would work at companies for years, with promotions and growth being a core part of the process. Mail room to exec room, was a path for some.

Companies don't reward employees like they used to. With outsourcing, downsizing and acquisitions, long term employee retention has been decimated with average employment length now 4 years.

Companies give low raises. Less than 10% a year and in most cases often not at all. Switching jobs can easily net you 20% to 30% more in salary.

In tech where startups often fail, or have horrible HR practices, it makes sense that many employees are looking at better offers.

People don't want to leave companies, they often have to leave because companies aren't seeing their value. This goes double for women and POC who face discrimination in career growth every day.

The data and math is clear, companies do everything in their power to reduce costs and increase profit and are rewarded for it.

For these reasons and many more, switching jobs is often the right thing for the vast majority of workers.

People who want to make more money or experience more growth should be called job optimizers. Don't hate employees for doing what you have taught them to do.


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