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Ketan Anjaria

When you have an interview whether on the phone or in person, it helps to be prepared. After doing basic research on the company (website, twitter, product pages), you should be ready to ask pointed but friendly questions when it's your turn.

Your goal is show you are smart, confident and knowledagable about the company. And to also demonstrate your value in being prepared and asking questions that ensure you can have a good job search outcome.

Mutual respect and an openness to learn go along way in this process.

Position Questions

  • Why are you hiring for this position?
  • What do you want me to accomplish in the first 30/60/90 days?
  • What does an average day look like for this position?
  • What does success look like in this position?
  • Who am I reporting to?
  • How many people are reporting to me?
  • Where can I best help in this position?
  • What is the biggest problem you are dealing with right now?
  • How much individual work vs teamwork time is expected?
  • What are the next steps in the interviewing process?
  • How long do you like the hiring process to take? When does this position need to be filled?

Company Questions

  • How much funding have you raised and what's your runway?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What sets you apart?
  • What is your exit plan?
  • Why is this the problem you want to tackle?
  • Do you often work late or have crunch times?

Second Interview Questions

  • What is the total compensation package?
  • What are the benefits you offer?
  • What is the path for promotion?
  • How often are performance reviews?
  • What are the severance options?
  • What are your vacation/sick policies?
  • What are the remote work/working from home policies?

What questions do you like to ask when you are being interviewed?


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