Salary Negotiation Pro Tip!

Never negotiate on the phone. Always via email.

Salary Negotiation


Ketan Anjaria

Never negotiate on the phone. Always via email.

Here’s why:

  1. It avoids he/she said situations later if something isn’t written down. Trust me people “forget” all the time what they said.
  2. Almost no one I have worked with (1500 plus clients) is good at negotiating on the phone. It’s hard to have a clear head and do that math you need quickly. Heck I do salary negotiation for a living and still prefer to negotiate via email.
  3. Recruiters are very experienced at negotiating. You are not. They do this multiple times a month. You might do it 5-10 times in your life.
  4. Email gives you time to have a clear, well thought out response. It’s less about emotions and more about facts.
  5. Phone is best for when you have already agreed to terms and are just finalizing things like start date.



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