Salary Negotiation Tips

Salary Negotiation Tips

Ketan Anjaria

We've learned a few things after $1 million in salary increases at HireClub.

  1. Stop trying to be fair. Salaries are neither fair or based on fairness. If that were the case, teachers would make millions and sports ball players wouldn’t. Most people negotiate against themselves with a skewed sense of what is fair. Advocate for yourself and only yourself.

  2. Information is power. Employees have less information about salary vs a company. It’s best to learn to keep quiet and say less. Ask questions that tell you more. What are the responsibilities? Who am I reporting too? Who is reporting to me? What is your budget and timeline?

  3. Do your research. Sites like payscale or have basic salary data. A company that’s raised $2m is going to have different offers than a company that’s raised $20m.

  4. Be transparent about other offers and your timeline. This works in your favor. Treat salary negotiation as a collab not a fight. Recruiters at companies want to get you in!

  5. Negotiation begins from the point of first contact. From your resume, to your first email, you are being evaluated. Know your value and have a professional helpful attitude that shows off your wins from day one. Companies want to hire people that can make them money.

These are very generalized and it's best to book a salary negotiation session so you can optimize your next offer or raise.



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