So You Want to Make Six Figures?

How do you get there?

Salary Six Figures Hard Work Luck Skill

Ketan Anjaria

Ok fantastic. I want you to aim sky high!

How do you get there?

Hard work, knowledge and luck.

Hard work let’s talk about that.

That means practice. Getting so good at something you can do it in your sleep.

It means having the confidence that when you get challenged (and you will get challenged) you have the ability to continue trying and the self awareness to ask for help.

Hard work is daily. Not weekly, not monthly. You have to do work every day.

Hard work is ugly sometimes. It can hurt. It can mean you lose time for other things. Like family or friends. That’s your call on how much you balance it. But I think that balance is part of the skill.

You know how to work hard and you know how to rest so you can work hard later.

Hard work doesn’t mean doing the same thing and expecting different results. It means trying new things. It means being unafraid to try new things.

Fear is the enemy of hard work, not laziness.

Ok knowledge, what does that mean?

It means learning. Daily. One thing. Just one skill.

*One skill. Be the best at it. Be known for it. *

It means you can do that one skill over and over. It means you pour over books, videos, people to devour everything about that one thing.

Notice I said one thing? Yes the quickest way to 6 figures is specialization. Larger companies can pay more and larger companies hire for specialists.

You do marketing, sales and customer success? Look, I love that you have curiosity but companies who can pay 6 figures don’t always know how to place a multi-talent person.

Make it easy for companies to understand your talent.

But if you are a specialist? If you have become very very very very good at one thing? You can make that 6 figure money.

How do you build that skill? School, classes, courses, are some of the ways. Mentors, coaches, books, are others.

But regardless it’s daily practice. Doing a task every day. Getting better everyday at one thing.

Don’t give up when it gets hard. Take a break and come back to it. Practice doesn’t mean you are perfect, it means you keep trying.

Ok you have done the hard work, you have gained the knowledge. What next?


I’ll give you a secret. You can build luck.

Luck comes from 3 things. Being visible, being positive and just plain randomness.

You can’t control the randomness but you can control the other two.

Being visible means being out there. Tell people what you are doing. Listen to people who are doing what you want to do. Get out of your house and meet new people. At least once a week. You will not build luck alone.

Online communities can work to help kickstart luck, but being visible means in person. Being friendly and humble.

Being positive is the next park of luck. It’s a hard skill. It’s easy to get beat up 🤕. I do all the time.

But remember step one on hard work and balance? I have my family and friends for guidance and support.

Positivity helps you earn 6 figures because people want to hire someone they enjoy working with.

Now I’ve simplified so many things on the road to 6 figures. Things like budgeting, negotiation and career plans. But these 3 things will get you far.

Hard work, knowledge and luck.

Go make that money, I believe in you. 🚀


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