Stop Devaluing Your Wins


Ketan Anjaria

There's something I've been thinking about with social media.

Everyone thinks everyone else is crushing it except themselves.

People say to me "Oh man, so-and-so is doing so great, I wish I had what they have!" And even I'll look at others and say "oh wow look at this awesome trip/partner/job/income you have".

The easy answer is that everyone only posts positive stuff on Facebook but I think there's more to it than that.

We devalue our own wins constantly.

If someone spoke to you the way you speak to yourself, they wouldn't be your friend anymore.

If you spoke to a child the way you speak to yourself, it would be abusive.

So I think it's super important to realize that feeling of less than is universal.

EVERYONE feels like this at least some of the time.

And it's super important and healthy to congratulate yourself on your wins. Every day.

Say something nice about yourself. Be kind to you.

If you are looking for job, this is really great to practice on your resume. Talk about all the awesome things you have accomplished.

Talk about your wins. Celebrate your amazingness. Do it everyday.

We all have battles we are fighting, but let's stop fighting ourselves.


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