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Ketan Anjaria

I’ve been working two jobs the last 6 months. Doing everything I can to grow HireClub and being CTO at Up All Night. It’s two things I love to do. And it’s paid off, we’ve almost doubled in 6 months to 17,000 members and Up All Night just launched in Los Angeles with new plans.

But it’s taken a toll. I haven’t had a vacation in over a year and a half. I’m working 70 hour weeks and it’s stressing me out. And while I love to coach, I can only best provide for all of you if I’m taking care of myself.

So I’m taking a short vacation to Iceland from September 17th to September 28th. It’s been a dream of mine to go Iceland for years. I’m renting a car, getting away from the city and just exploring. I’ll primarily be camping and getting back to nature where we all belong.

People love to glamorize the founder life but it has it’s share of ups and downs. By turning HireClub in a real business the pressure is on more than ever. I know many big beautiful things are happening for us. I’ve always valued transparency, too many people live under the Instagram perfect life and I think in order to lead, you have to be honest.

I’ll be back, energy revitalized, fired up and ready to go. HireClub, you’ll be in good hands as our moderators Annie Jalota and Lisa Marie will be minding things while I’m away. Please give them the same warm, inviting welcome you give to me.

We have our HireClub helpers ready to help you in your career, we’ve built a system that ultimately lets me focus on growth while our helpers can take care of you. A company isn’t defined by leadership, it’s defined by teamwork. I don’t want to just help all of you find jobs, I want to make HireClub as a company stand strong in it’s beliefs of treating employees well and helping each other. We are not slowing down at all but we’re going to take care of ourselves along the way.

Knowing me I’ll probably send a video or two while I’m away. I love to stay connected but I’m also doing my best to disconnect for a while.

Much much love HireClub, I’ll see you in the land of ice and snow.



Susan Chough Have a great vacation!


Kaitlyn Flynn We just went to Iceland earlier this year and road trip around the loop of the entire country. We had a blast! Kevin or I could offer you some suggestions if you like or share some of our itinerary/airbnb's we stayed at given we weren't at any place for more than 1-2 days. Gorgeous country! :)


Ketan Anjaria Ah would love that! DM me.


Kelly Strodl It's been a dream to see the northern lights, take lots of pics!

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