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Ketan Anjaria

HireClub let me share my vision for HireClub’s future.

If you need a haircut, you can walk to your nearest salon. If you need to get your taxes done, you can go to H&R Block. If you want great medical, you can go to OneMedical and their amazing health care experience.

Where do you go when you need help in your career? Crickets 🦗.

Have you ever been to the unemployment office? It’s depressing. It’s rare you leave there feeling hopeful for the future.

I see a future with a HireClub in every city.

A beautiful space where you can come in and talk to a career coach. Get a headshot, work on your resume, and meet new friends.

A space where you get support whether it’s dealing with a difficult boss or finding a new job. A positive and inclusive club.

A club that welcomes everyone. A physical community of kindness to match our online one.

And this is why we do events. They are practice runs for the future. This is why we are doing events in multiple cities. We want to learn how to make this vision work in any city.

Of course we will still have our online space and virtual coaching. We want to remove all barriers to career success. We want to merge the online and offline and build lasting community ties.

And the design will be impeccable. Beautiful photos, comfy furniture. Organic snacks and greenery everywhere. Friendly coaches to welcome you.

A real HireClub. We will start small. I hope to open the first retail space in SF some time next year. It will be our test run for other cities.

This is my vision. Putting the club in HireClub.



Alison Rakotonirina I love this. I think one of the biggest challenges on the career search is the feeling of being alone or the odd-man out. Making it fun, easy, and confidence building, to grow your career in community, is an amazing vision. And, I may be biased as a career coach, but supporting individuals in going after their dream job and dream employer, is just one way to change the world.

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