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How to beat ridiculous job requirements

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Ketan Anjaria

HireClub Member Colby Duhon shared a great point.

Tech sector: Wahhhh there’s a shortage of engineers!

Also tech sector: We only hire from these top ten schools and also you need two years professional experience for this entry level role

I often say many people couldn’t get the jobs they are hiring for. The list of requirements is long and sometimes out of reach for most people. But those are things you can’t control. Here’s some tips on how to get past the barriers.

1 - Get your resume reviewed.

I’ve met many competent engineers that frankly had terrible resumes. It’s an entirely different skill set than code. It helps to have professional eyes on it.

2 - Practice, Practice, Practice mock interviews.

Again it’s a different skill set than coding. But it’s much needed to get past the bar. Social skills, Quick thinking and the ability to sell yourself while remaining a team player is super useful.

3 - Side Projects!

When someone doesn’t give you an entrance, make your own door! Side projects are a great way to do that. Many engineers don’t have a url I can check and see their work. A GitHub isn’t enough. A live running product especially for Web devs is the single best thing you can do. Multiple ones are even better. In lieu of this, a stellar portfolio site goes a long way.

4 - Writing Skills.

Code is language. So embrace Medium, Twitter, FB and more and start building your writing skills. Those who can eloquently explain ideas, often master them. Make tutorials for yourself so you don’t forget a skill.

5 - Teamwork Skills.

While it’s frustrating so many companies aren’t always the best at hiring, the bar for excellence is quite high. Every company wants Facebook level engineers because everyone wants great products. If you are Dev, teaming up with another designer or product manager to make a side project can be very useful to up your skills. It’s not just coding skills, but teamwork skills.

6 - Practice, Practice, Practice.

I’ve probably made 20 or 30 side projects. Some are still up with people testing. I iterate and get better. I write the same code again solving the problem in a different way. The industry right now doesn’t offer much in the way of training for junior Devs so your best bet is on your own. If you are stuck you can always help us on building HireClub!


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