Today is International Worker’s Day!

Workers HireClub Vision

Ketan Anjaria

People often ask me if HireClub is a recruiting startup but there are hundreds of those.

We’ve made the conscious decision to focus on you, the job seeker. All our services and products are designed to help you in your career.

Now we could easily do the recruiting fee thing, and charge companies 20% of salary to find great talent. It’s the industry standard.

I have a vision that focuses on improving outcomes for all of you. To help you find that job you want, improve your resume, get that raise. To help everyone who has struggled in their job search or career.

And we love working with the companies here that respect their workers. Companies that understand the value of a diverse and growth oriented team. We are very lucky and happy so many great companies are now turning the tide.

Sometimes we push back too, we don’t allow spec work, we want everyone to use inclusive language in job posts, we filter out predatory or spam job posts.

And all of this is a learning process. The world of work is radically changing.

And throughout all this, by helping job seekers, we know that the community we are building is the right one. When I hear about strangers helping strangers. Or someone getting that referral they need. Or just simple advice after a hard day at work, it confirms that we are doing the right thing.

So celebrate you today! Celebrate your hard work and knowledge that helps you and the companies you choose to join succeed. Take a minute to congratulate yourself on getting better everyday.

And if things aren’t where you want them to be, know that we are here for you. We will listen and try to guide. We understand that struggle because many of us are in that struggle as well.

Happy International Worker’s Day HireClub!


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