Work Life Balance

Ketan Anjaria

There was lot of chat on Twitter over the holiday break on how many hours you need to work to be successful. (yes the irony!)

Some stating that you have to put in more than 40 hours to find “success”. Some saying it’s better to have work life balance.

I’ve worked my ass off before for companies and yes obviously HireClub. Doing the time to learn is often needed.

But I think it’s better to work smarter not just harder. Grinding rarely has great results and even the top athletes in the world put in rest days.

So even with our incredible 3x growth this year, I’m proud to say we worked 3 days a week in the office. 2 days at home.

We didn’t count vacation days. We just trusted our team.

We didn’t have deadlines. Products are ready when they are ready and tested.

You don’t have to put your heath aside to be successful. The goal of modern life should be a better balance not less balance. We can use technology to make life easier not harder.

Some might say this comes from a place of privilege. And they are right, we are absolutely lucky to be able to do this.

But we also made choices to support this. Reducing expenses, being careful with what we spend on, focusing a few small things. Heck I’m 42 and I have a roommate and rent controlled apartment.

But where do we invest? In our team. Always.

I wish more companies would learn this. We’ve seen a dismantling of the Unicorn startup world this year.

People over profits. Community over commerce. It may sound like wishful thinking, but what’s the point of disruption if we can’t disrupt deeply unfair and archaic work practices?



Jennifer Ward Amen! I'm gonna print this out and post it over my desk. Thanks, Ketan!

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