HireClub Coaching Plans

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$99 /mo

  • 30 Minutes of Coach Calls/mo
  • Video or Phone Calls
  • Daily Messaging
  • 15 Minute Onboarding Call
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching



$159 /mo


  • 60 Minutes of Coach Calls/mo
  • Video or Phone Calls
  • Daily Messaging
  • 15 Minute Onboarding Call
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching



$299 /mo

  • 120 Minutes of Coach Calls/mo
  • Video or Phone Calls
  • Daily Messaging
  • 15 Minute Onboarding Call
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching



$549 /mo

  • 240 Minutes of Coach Calls/mo
  • Video or Phone Calls
  • Daily Messaging
  • 15 Minute Onboarding Call
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching


How Coaching Works

Personal career coach 02

Your Personal Career Coach

You’ll be matched with a professional career coach based on your goals and industry. Our coaches are highly trained and have years of experience in helping people with their careers.

You get a 15 minute onboarding call to meet your coach after you subscribe.

You can change coaches at any time for no cost.

Daily messaging 01

Daily Messaging

Whether it’s about an upcoming interview, issues at work or just needing support, your coach is always there for you. Your coach will respond in a timely manner.

You get daily messaging with all plans.

Messaging is limited within reasonable 8am to 9pm times.

One on one calls 01

1 on 1 Coach Calls

Your coach and you can schedule calls whenever needed to work on your goals. Your coach will listen, learn and help you achieve your career goals. Calls can be about working on your resume, a mock interview, career planning or any other career questions.

You get 30/60/120 minutes of calls per month depending on your plan.

Job referrals 01

Job Referrals

After you’ve put in the work with your coach to have a stellar resume, nail your interview skills and polish your story, your coach will work with you to land a referral at a company on your target list.

You get 1,2 or 3 job referrals depending on your plan.

You'll be eligible for a referral based on your coach's discretion.

Complete Privacy

We don't share your data with anyone.
Your messages, calls, and data are completely private.
Not even your mom will know.

Cancel Anytime

There are no long term commitments.
You can cancel online at any time.
You won't even hurt our feelings.

Try it out for Free

Get started with free 15 minute session today.
There's no obligation to purchase anything.
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Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason in the first 30 days of your subscription, we'll offer you a full refund.

Book Single Sessions

Have a specific career need in mind?
You can book a single session with a career coach.

Coaching Intro

167 Reviews

Consult with one of our career coaches on your career goals to figure what kind of coaching is best for you.

Book for Free

Resume Review

77 Reviews

Get professional and actionable feedback on your resume to help you score that next interview.

Book for $59

Salary Negotiation

10 Reviews

Get that salary and promotion you deserve. Learn negotiation tactics to maximize your earnings.

Book for $149

Mock Interview

25 Reviews

A practice interview with a professional HR manager to help you nail your next interview.

Book for $119

Career Coaching

54 Reviews

Our professional career coaches will work with you on a personal plan of attack in your job search or other career issues.

Book for $119

Resume Rewrite

15 Reviews

Get your resume personally and professionally crafted to land that interview for your dream job.

Book for $299

More Coaching Sessions

Meet Our Coaches

Once you purchase, we'll match you with a coach that best fits your goals.

Catalina Peña Peñaloza

Catalina Peña Peñaloza

I coach clients and help them embrace their truth, create a compelling story, and position their value add to land their dream role! I am excited to work together to help you achieve your career goals and encourage you to continue aiming...

Sandy Liu

Sandy Liu

Sandy is an experienced marketer and Harvard MBA, her work spans from start-ups to large tech (Adobe), also a founding team member of a top 10 ad agency. She has coached clients on leveling up their careers and if, how and why consider ...

Nicole Dunnavant

Nicole Dunnavant

I am a Denver-based career coach dedicated to helping individuals figure out how to do what they love and overcome professional ennui. Prior to coaching, I spent a decade as a research and analytics expert in the healthcare and public he...

Rachael O'Meara

Rachael O'Meara

I am a career & personal development coach who helps you turn overwhelm or burnout into thriving at work (and beyond!). My approach is pragmatic, intentional, and vision-based. I believe each of us has unlimited potential, it's just abou...

Barbara Saunders

Barbara Saunders

I help creative and unconventional job seekers shape adventurous careers that feed their intellectual curiosity while allowing them to earn a good living.

Kelly Ling

Kelly Ling

I am an empathetic and action-oriented coach. I have earned the trust of professionals from fresh grad, to seasoned executive, startup founder to career switcher. I focus on innovation, product, change management, and negotiation.

Brooke Summers

Brooke Summers

I'm a coach who loves helping people unlock their superpowers, land their dream role and negotiate their full value. I'm a wild polymath who has built a career around curiosity, authenticity and following my North Star. Let's go chase y...

Aman Manik

Aman Manik

10+ year company operator in startups to large companies . I've interviewed 100s of people, great at creating systems, and making you laugh.

Kortney Thoma

Kortney Thoma

I like to think of coaching as a "thinking partnership" or a collaboration. I'm here to help you grasp the bigger picture, challenge assumptions, call attention to the blindspots, reframe unhelpful conclusions, and celebrate the successe...

More Coaches

Latest Reviews

See what our members say about coaching with HireClub.


AP Sharma
Coaching Intro


I received very useful inputs from Sandy to pursue product marketing roles in tech industry. She was quick to identify the challenges I faced in landing interviews and shared actionable suggestions. I really appreciated that Sandy did not rush the discussion even though we went a couple of minutes over time.

Coached by Sandy Liu


Katie Holman O'Neill
Coaching Intro


I had a great intro call with Aman and am excited to work with him on interview prep. I felt he was able to very clearly understand my needs + get me pumped, and I look forward to our next call!

Coached by Aman Manik


Lavanya Indralingam
Coach Training


Mike was an amazing resource and incredibly empowering! He truly gave me the confidence and equipped me with best practices on my coaching journey in a very engaging way! I really appreciated his time and resources that he shared for further growth! Looking forward to working more with Mike in the future as I build out and hone new skills in other areas!

Coached by Mike Manoske


Sergio Correa
Coaching Intro


Lara was awesome, we bounced ideas around and it was great to talk to someone who could empathize and relate to my current situation.

Coached by Lara Heacock


Aisling Kelly
Career Coaching


Allison listened to my concerns and did a great job helping me to prepare for an upcoming interview. We reviewed the specific questions that I was hoping to draft responses for, and she gave me a great method for answering the rest. I'm glad I booked a interview coaching session with her!

Coached by Allison McLean


Ben Broad
Coaching Intro


Annazette did a wonderful job explaining the many ways I could work with HireClub and offered some helpful suggestions for my specific job hunt situation. Thank you!

Coached by Annazette Harrison

Default avatar

Rishabh Kedia
Coaching Intro


Dexter was really thorough and laid out a great plan that should help me reach my goals, given my obstacles. Feel a lot more comfortable and optimistic about the job hunting process after my phone call with Dexter.

Coached by Dexter Zhuang

Default avatar

Deric Avila
Coaching Intro


I was pleased with the services explained by Annazette. It was thorough and gave me a sense of items to focus on to assist in my career. I will review the material sent regarding coaching, resume review, and mock interviews. Thanks! - Deric

Coached by Annazette Harrison


Dhruv Gupta
Coaching Intro


Had a great chat with Aman. He understood my background and patiently listened to what I am looking for. He also suggested another coach, as he thought he/she might be more helpful.

Coached by Aman Manik


How do I get started?

Just book your free coaching intro, and you’ll get a free 15 minute session with a coach.

How much does career coaching cost?

We have three plans available: $99/month (Basic), $159/month (Pro), and $299/month (Ultimate).

You can also book single coaching sessions at hireclub.com/coaching/sessions

What’s included in my subscription?

Subscription plans include all coaching services we offer like Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Salary Negotiation, except for the Resume Rewrite and LinkedIn Rewrite. All subscribers get one-time 20% discount for the Resume Rewrite or LinkedIn Rewrite.

How do I talk to my coach?

You can talk to your coach any time by using hireclub.com, or texting and calling with your assigned number

Is coaching private and confidential?

All coaching calls and messages are totally private. We do not share your information with anyone.

How many calls do I get per month?

You can split up your monthly minutes however you want. Typically people do two 15-minute calls or two 30-minute calls per month. You can schedule additional calls at any time.

How do job referrals work?

When you and your coach determine you are ready, your coach will work with you to land referrals (1, 2, or 3 depending on your plan) at your target companies. Referral eligibility is based on your coach’s discretion.

What if I’m not happy with my coach?

You can request a new coach at any time free of charge. We want to make sure you and your coach have a great fit.

Is there a free trial?

Yes just book your free coaching intro to talk to a career coach today.

What if I cancel, do I get a refund?

If you cancel in the first 30 days of your subscription we will offer you a full refund on your subscription. We want you to be 100% happy with your HireClub Coaching.

Is there any long term commitment required?

No, you can cancel at any time.