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Jessica Yen

I'm a certified coach and I help you get recognized! That includes building (and keeping) self confidence for interviewing, and co-creating an implementable recruiting action plan (with joy)


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach, Leadership Circle Profile Certified

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About Jessica Yen

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Help You

I started my career in consulting after college graduation, and quickly realized I wanted to switch into tech. However, as a Economics and Global Studies liberal arts degree graduate with no coding experience, I struggled in the recruiting process. It took me 6 months then to successfully break into tech. It was a hard and stressful journey, fraught with heartbreaks which felt no different from romantic heartbreaks. Now, having enjoyed a fulfilling career in tech, where I worked at companies like Salesforce, Yelp, and Cruise, doing business operations & strategy and data analytics, I became a full-time coach to package my learning for others in hopes that you will have an easier time recruiting. I especially empathize with those of you who want to do a switch into tech from a non-tech background like myself, or if you’re doing a switch in different verticals within tech (ex: marketing to product management).

Who I Am:

If you’re not where you want to be in your career (or maybe in your life broadly), what do you do? This is a question I ask myself routinely whenever I realize that I am unfulfilled. This question has served me well: as I reflect on my career, I created a mini rotational program in all types of data analytics for myself, starting with being a consultant right out of college, to being a Marketing Strategy Analyst at Salesforce, to Business Operations & Strategy Analyst at Yelp, to Senior Data Analyst specializing in People Analytics at Cruise. I chose data analytics because I am a curious person and get bored easily, and the range of analytical problems provided the right challenge for me. Helping women in technology is also one of my passions. I was the Co-Managing Director of the non-profit Girls in Tech San Francisco from 2019-2020, and was part of this organization for 5 years.

Ways I Can Help You:

  • Designing your life
  • Recovering from recruiting disappointments
  • Building stamina for recruiting
  • Interview preparation
  • Navigating the corporate world
  • Transitioning to a first-time manager
  • Business consulting for first-time entrepreneurs/startup founders

How Do We Work Together?

Our time together can be characterized by 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Where you’re at and where you want to go: Can you distinguish exactly what roles you are recruiting for? In this phase, we take inventory of what those roles are and what your blockers for getting there are. You mustn’t recruit in an untargeted way, as it will only exhaust and burn you out in the long run. I make sure you have clarity with how your career aligns with your life’s journey in this phase, before we do anything else.

Phase 2 - How can we get you there: This phase is all about creating action plans and support for executing on them. We’ll chunk goals down into doable items, make sure you’re interview-ready and can clearly articulate your unique story, and also technically prepared.

Phase 3 – Iterating and Improving: Recruiting in a silo is not what we want for you. After the first 2 phases, we’ll continue to iterate and improve on your process. We’ll analyze your conversion rates between recruiting stages, and make adjustments so we can incorporate your learnings and get you results!

Am I the Right Coach for You?

I hold my clients all to be naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I cannot wait to be your coach to support you in the recruiting process. You can count on me to be an empathetic champion for you, while also holding you accountable to your aspirations and making sure you continuously up-level yourself. Let’s get you that job that’s in alignment with your life’s journey, shall we?! Next steps are for you to book an intro call with me so we can see if there’s a fit for us working together.

Fun facts:

I enjoy exploring farmer’s markets, snacking, and planning my next vacation. I am a former beauty pageant queen and also coach aspiring beauty queens on the side. I am originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Taipei, Taiwan, and am currently based in Denver, Colorado.

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Was great at making the most of our small windows of time and getting. She prepped me for our sessions, and provided solid feedback at the end of each to get me going for the week ahead.

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Coached By Jessica Yen

For having such a short 15 minute window I think we quickly understood the situation and how to approach a solution.

star star star star star Jan 18, 2021
Coached By Jessica Yen