Coach Agreement

Thank you for applying to be a HireClub coach! We love all our wonderful coaches that help our clients succeed. We want to support you in your goal to coach our customers and help you make money as well.

Here’s a few things we need to agree on to have you as a coach.


You agree that you have the ability to coach our members on their career goals. You will put a best faith effort into helping them succeed within reason.

Some of our clients come to us in times of need, we expect you to have empathetic and kind understanding of their situation.

If you feel you are not able to help a client assigned to you, you agree to decline.

No Solicitation

You agree not to solicit purchasing of any product exclusive of HireClub products on our website, Facebook group, mobile apps, Instagram, Twitter or other official properties.

This includes any private coaching services you may provide on your own.

We seek to keep HireClub ad free as much as possible.

No Poaching

You agree not to redirect HireClub clients from the HireClub platform or properties to your own coaching offerings.

If you have communicated with a member on any of our properties, website, Facebook group, mobile apps, Instagram, Twitter or other official properties, we expect you to promote HireClub services and coaching. This includes free coaching intros as well and other free/paid interactions including events.

If we find that a coach or client has moved off network for services, we will remove both the coach and client permanently from HireClub. This includes non-coaching services like books, courses, etc as well.

Our goal is that in order to grow HireClub, we have a lot of trust in our coaches to invest in us. We invest in you and have built a platform to help you provide great coaching and earn money.

You are more than free to continue to have your coaching business outside of HireClub. Many of our coaches do.

No Private Information Sharing

You agree not to share your email, phone or other contact methods with a HireClub member, whether paid or not.

Do not ask HireClub members for their email, phone, or other contact methods.

We do this for 3 reasons:

1. Safety. If for any reason we need to cut off communication from client or coach, because we have created a communication platform for you to use, we can stop the communication. If you provide private contact info, we cannot prevent that.

2. Coach Continuity. Many clients switch coaches throughout their HireClub experience, this is a welcomed and key part of the process. Without having communication in one place, we can’t have a new coach catch up on all the old messages.

3. Minutes Tracking. By using our platform only, we can both monitor and track coaching calls. We do this for the purpose of knowing how many minutes a client used and how much to pay you.

*If you do not use the HireClub communication platform for sessions with clients, we cannot pay you for coaching *

Refund Policy

We allow all customers a one time refund policy on their account. This may be for any reason.

You agree that any payments made to you which are refunded to a client will be deducted from your account.

Refunds are ultimately at our discretion but if you and HireClub provides a quality service, there should not be a need for refunds.

Your Coach Page

Every coach gets their own page at ​ You agree to maintain an up-to-date coaching page on the HireClub platform which accurately reflects your coaching experience.

We will do our best to help you make this page shine but you are responsible for the content. Making it friendly, clear and helpful goes a long way in assuring clients you are the right coach for them.

Please upload a high quality picture as part of your page.

You agree not to link to other sites on your page. We provide means for your various links to be integrated into your page automatically.

We reserve the right to edit the content as needed.


Read about Coach payments on


Messaging is integral to the HireClub platform. Before most appointments and as part of a client’s subscription, clients and coaches can message each other.

Messaging is best for small short subjects with quick responses. If your client wants to have a detailed conversation that consists of more than 5 sentences, encourage them to schedule a call.

You agree to make a best effort to respond to all client communication as soon as reasonably possible, ideally within 24 hours. We have very clear data showing that coaches that don’t respond quickly, have clients that cancel.

Please discuss your communication boundaries with your client early in your coaching engagement (ex: you don't respond to messages after 5pm or on weekends.

Video Calls

It’s up to you and the client to arrange calls as part of the subscription and appointments. At the end of each session, we encourage you to have your client schedule their next session while they're on the call with you. This has been shown to increase engagement and prevent clients from downgrading their plans.

If you haven't heard from a client in 2-4 weeks, we ask that you please reach out to them to touch base. Clients that don’t schedule calls at least every 2-4 weeks often cancel, so we want to make sure they're getting the support they need and you're getting to do the coaching you love.


You agree to maintain your availability on the online scheduling tool.

We recommend listing an average of 5+ hours of availability per week but this is not a requirement and you can list more or less depending on your schedule. Many of our clients are on the west coast and popular times to schedule sessions are around lunchtime (12-1pm PST) and after work (5pm PST and later).

If you need to cancel, decline or reschedule an appointment, it’s your responsibility to communicate that to client.


You agree to let clients review your coaching and have those reviews be displayed publicly.

Clients can and do review coaching. The review consists of a five-star rating plus a comment. We are proud that our coaches do well and we share these reviews with our HireClub members and other places. The reviews can be anonymous, depending on the user’s choice. We don’t require users to leave a review but we highly encourage it. You are free to encourage them as well within reason.

Our Community

We want to thank you all for being a valuable part of this community. We deeply care about your feedback and we are committed to helping you grow as a coach. Community requires everyone to invest and trust in each other and we will have your back. From time to time, we may ask you for feedback or give you feedback regarding coaching or the HireClub platform. We value the feedback you share with us and many of the features we build are directly from coach requests.

Leaving HireClub

There are times where you may want to end your relationship with HireClub and we understand that. Before you can end, you are required to leave any notes or documentation you may have regarding your clients and adhere to our hand-off process to a new coach.

Read more about the hand-off process on


HireClub can at our discretion terminate your coaching agreement at any time. We will notify you when we are doing so.