How coach payments work

Payout Runs

We currently run payouts once a month at the beginning of each month. That means if even a client subscribed on a certain date, you won't get paid until the payout is run.

Single Sessions

You must first click Complete on a session to get paid.

Once you click Complete, your payout will be included in the next Payout Run.

If you have a session that's not been paid, please email


Your first payment is at least 30 days after user subscribes, to accommodate client's refund policy window.

If the user subscribed on June 15th, you would get paid July 15th or when the next Payout Run is executed, whichever is later.

You will get payout only when your subscription client uses their minutes in a billing cycle.

For example:

In Feb 20-Mar 20 cycle client uses 35 out of the 60 minutes.

In Mar 20-Apr 20 cycle client uses 0 out of the 60 minutes.

You will get payout only for the Feb 20-Mar 20 cycle.

Payment Amount

You get paid the lower of $85/hr or 70% of the customer charge.

This averages out to $85/hr.

Please review the Coach Agreement for more details.