How do I pick a coach?

1. Have a phone call with them.

Most of what you need to know about your coach, you’ll find out in the first few minutes. Chemistry is an important predictor of a successful relationship, and you’ll only know that by speaking in person.

2. Are they available when you need them?

You want to make sure a coach is free when you are to maximize the time you’ve allocated to invest in yourself.

3. What’s their style?

Empathetic, challenging, collaborative, or a combination of these things. Think about what you need to help get you to that next level.

4. Are they hearing you?

Listen to see if a coach repeats back what you’ve said with an understanding of your intent.

5. Do they seem to understand your unique situation?

A coach doesn’t necessarily need in-depth knowledge of your industry to be helpful, but they should be able to meet you where you are.

Changing Coaches

You can always request a new coach. Many of our clients change coaches over the years as their needs grow and change.

Note: Some coaches may not be available due to how booked up they are.