How many calls do I get per month?

That depends on what kind of plan you've signed up for and how long you'd like to meet with your coach each session. Here's how many minutes you get for coaching for each plan:

Career Coaching Plans:

  • Basic plan - 30 minutes of coaching a month
  • Pro plan - 60 minutes of coaching a month
  • Ultimate plan - 120 minutes of coaching a month
  • Platinum plan - 240 minutes of coaching a month

Executive Coaching Plans:

  • Executive 60 - 60 minutes of coaching a month
  • Executive 120 - 120 minutes of coaching a month

You can meet with your coach for 15 / 30 /60 minutes per session and we encourage you to talk to your coach about what would work best for your partnership together.

You can meet with a coach for as long as you’d like but the International Coaching Federation (the gold standard in the coaching world) recommends that a coaching engagement last a minimum of 3 months.

How Minutes Work

You get a certain number of minutes per month depending on the plan you sign up for. Your minutes will be added every month based on your billing cycle. For example: If you sign up for a Basic Plan on April 9th, you'll have 30 minutes to use until May 9th and then you'll get 30 more. You'll continue to get that number of minutes on a monthly basis unless you change or cancel your plan.

If you run out of minutes before the next billing cycle but still want to meet with your coach, you have two options:

A) You can upgrade your plan at any time; it only costs you the difference between your old plan and new plan and the additional minutes are instantly available for use.


B) You can book a single session with your coach until you get more minutes.

You also have the option of downgrading your plan at any time. Any unused minutes you've purchased will roll over to the next month as long as your subscription is active and your new plan will be effective on the next billing cycle.

You can learn more about how to change your plan by going here:

Coaching minutes are non-transferable or redeem to use by another user. If your decides to cancel your subscription or your account is terminated for any reason, all remaining minutes will expire at the end of their last subscription period.