HireClub Version 2!

A beautiful new design

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Ketan Anjaria

Say hello to HireClub Version 2!

For the last month the team has been working hard to revamp and redesign almost every pixel of the website.

We’ve upgraded to Rails 5, Bootstrap 4 under the hood to give us a great platform to innovate on.

We’ve added job filters so you can find jobs easier. (Custom job alerts coming soon)

We’ve redesigned the job page so you can refer friends!

We’ve redesigned the project page so it shows off your work so much nicer.

We’ve redesigned the user profile page to be simpler and faster. Now all the key elements come first and you can show off your profile pic with your fabulous headshot.

We’ve redesigned the stories section to share all the great content we’ve been creating for you about jobs.

We’ve added a entirely new coaching section that goes in to detail about coaching and it’s benefits.

Each coaching session has more details and it’s own link for easy booking. Now all coaches and sessions have reviews as well.

We’ve added Executive Coaching for managers and leaders to level up with our certified and experienced coaches.

When you review a coaching appointment, you can share the review with HireClub so it keeps our quality high. But you can keep the review private if you want to because we care about your privacy.

And we’ve redesigned the appointment page as well, you’ll have to book a session to see it’s beauty!

In short, HireClub V2 presents a massive leap forward for us! It gives us a great platform to improve HireClub for you as well coaching.

Now like any launch, there may be bugs. Please sit tight as we get through them this week, but feel free to let us know about issues at

Please thank your HireClub team Lisa Maria, Mia Cêlyse Legaspi, Vicente Del Rosario Escalante, Shruti Desai, Omar Jamal, and our newest Rails intern Sergey Lukyanenko who's already pushed code as part of this.


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