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I lead teams that build new products, design scalable business models, and create delightful experiences for customers. My hope is to help you think through your situation, provide new perspectives, and ultimately help you discover a path forward.

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Great to meet you! I'm Brien.

Ways I Might Be Able To Help You:

Thinking about a new business idea? You've thought about something for 50 years... or 5 hours. You don't know if something could be "real" but you believe there's a place for it in the world. You like the idea of entrepreneurship but don't know if it's right for you. Sound familiar? Let's talk through how we can validate this idea, and see what might be best for you!

Thinking about a career in product management? You've read all these awesome blog posts about product management and it looks really cool. You've been one of the salary sites, and the $$ looks enticing. You've heard product managers get to be CEOs but without the risk of starting a business. Sound familiar? Let's talk through a career in product management and see what opportunities there are!

Asked to lead something in your organization you know little about? You've been given an opportunity to shine in your organization, but aren't sure how to execute on it well or take advantage of it. You want to introduce a new idea to your team, but aren't sure if you're pitching quite right. Sound familiar? Let's talk about this new opportunity you have and make the most out of it!

Ready for that career change or (re)entering the job market? You want a job in a different and/or new field, and you're not quite sure what to do next. You've been out of the job market for a little and are figuring out how to get back in. Sound familiar? Let's talk about how you can be best positioned for success!

What makes Brien special?

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

As your coach, my goal is to help you discover and be the best version of yourself. Your version, not someone else's. Because of this, I put a great deal of effort in listening and understanding who you are and what your motivations are, not just to propose potential solutions to the situations are you facing, but help you reflect on what might be best for you as a person.

Admittedly, this means that if you are looking for quick fixes or only answers, I probably will not be the right fit for you. If you don't like being pushed outside your comfort zone, I may not be the coach for you. But if you are interested in taking a little time to not just understand your situation or potential solutions, but yourself, let's talk!

How Will We Work Together?

Step 1: Let's chat! A short introductory call will help us both understand whether we are a right fit for each other, and will help me understand what you are hoping to get out of working with me.

Step 2: Let's get into the situation you are facing. I'll probably want to learn all the background information, your motivations, and by the end of a session my hope is that you will walk away with some action items.

Step 3: Plans don't always go according to plan, so let's touch base and make sure you're going in the right direction. Maybe new information will cause us to reevaluate options or actions, but we will move forward together.

Step 4: A little retrospective will only help us. Why did something work or not work? What can we learn from it, and what are next steps?

Always: Making sure you know that you aren't alone on this journey, that I'm here for you, and that with persistence, self-learning, and proper reflection you can accomplish almost anything.

I am looking forward to meeting you!



· 09/10/20 · Coaching Intro

Great listener and passionate about coaching. This was my first session. I would love to provide a detailed feedback after few sessions.