Estefania De Avila Barsante

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Estefania De Avila Barsante

If you are feeling stuck in your career, let's talk! I'll help you find and thrive in a new role, new company, or a new career altogether.


PCC - Professional Certified Coach - ICF / Executive Coaching / Cognitive Behavioral Coaching /Innovation and Design Thinking

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About Estefania De Avila Barsante

When people are feeling stuck in their careers and don't know what to do next, they come to see me.

I help them find meaning and be proud of their journeys while doing their best work! Consider me as your partner-in-change, another set of fresh eyes and a person in your corner to help get you exactly where you want to be - even if you still don't know what that looks like.

The truth is: it's hard to make meaningful changes without support and accountability.

I've spent thousand of hours working with clients across industries and cultures to figure out how to make successful career changes - both internal and external. So whether you want to change jobs, industries or find a new career, I've got you!

I can't wait to help you find meaning, success and fulfillment :)

Great For
Immigrants Career Changers POC Managers Founders Developers Creatives Executives LGBTQ Product Management Entry Level New Grads Neurodiverse Veterans
Helps With
Confidence Networking Leadership Work/Life Balance Relocation Return to Work Business Growth Mock Interviews Salary Negotiation Resumes
Startups Tech Finance Ecommerce Small Business HR Venture Capital SaaS Consumer Education Social Impact Design Enterprise Marketing Non-Profits Advertising Legal Health Care Food Social Media Sales Arts Government Sports Film Travel TV Entertainment Automotive Real Estate Fashion

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