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I've switched jobs MANY times, and I have the battle scars to show from the labor of applying for jobs. As a recruiter by day who's seen many resumes, I'm happy to advise and help job seekers find their next role and set them up for 30/60/90 day success.

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Hey you,

YES YOU! Gentle reminder: finding a new job is a lot of work. Succeeding at work is a lot of work too!

The grass isn’t greener on either side. When you're employed, the search becomes a second job. If you're unemployed, too often the challenge is summoning the energy to search and apply. And once you you’ve got a job, you have to set yourself up for success in your new role. When was the last time you consciously planned for all or any of this?

I've been a startup recruiter for 10 years, and lived the last 9 in San Francisco. I’ve interviewed more than 2,000 people, have hired more than 400 real humans and additionally have coached hundreds of individuals outside of my 9-5.

I've lived through, and survived to see the other side of all of the aforementioned scenarios! Whether you become a sloth who needs accountability while searching (I’m including myself in this group), or if you have a list and a timeline, I’m here to help you get and succeed in a job that you like.

My coaching style always leads with empathy and truth. As your coach, the only skin I have in this game is your success, while cheering you on to help you achieve your goals. Some days it will be obvious you just need me to listen. I’m absolutely okay with f-bombs, because some days that’s the how it is. Other days, I’ll be a driver, and will ask you to do big (and small) things so that you reach your goals.

No matter what you're looking for, whether it's help in job searching, or a detailed plan for succeeding in a new role, or even dealing with workplace problems, we'll work to make sure your head is in the game. The plan is simple. I want to be sure that you are self-confident in your abilities.


Conrad Corpus

· 09/22/20 · Coaching Intro

Had a great intro session with Sarah. Sarah was engaging, insightful and empathetic. Looking forward to scheduling regular coaching sessions with her.


· 06/09/20 · Resume Review

Sarah was friendly and gave good advice

Evan Miller

· 06/01/20 · Career Coaching

Sarah is just fantastic to work! She allows you to use the time as you prefer and is super flexible on format and focus. During our first session I really just needed to bend her ear and she was great at helping me brainstorm and make a plan to navigate roadblocks. Further discussion was more structured. I sent her an agenda of items I wanted to go over and she came prepared with ideas and actionable steps I could take to achieve my goals. She checked in with me from time to time between our sessions to make sure I was doing ok and in general has been a super supportive cheerleader willing to go the extra mile for me. Strongly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and a way forward - especially if any career hiccups have impacted your confidence level!


· 03/31/20 · Subscriber

Sarah helped me develop an action plan for my career search which is proving to be vital. I would recommend her!


· 03/27/20 · Coaching Intro

My recent discussion with Sarah was excellent. What stood out is the fact she has been through the challenges of job seeking. Because not too much will surprise her, she has earned my respect. I could feel the passion, assertiveness, and warmth in her delivery. The tools she recommended are sound, and I look forward to getting started. Sarah is definitely a coach whom I will leverage for my job search and career growth.


· 02/21/20 · Subscriber

Sarah is absolutely and completely amazing! i can't say enough about how much she has helped me in such a short time frame. She convinced me at our initial trial coaching call that she was the right person for me in what i wanted to accomplish. She is not only totally effective at moving you along your path to finding a more rewarding job but she also does it all with so much kindness and patience.

Qiana Patterson

· 10/18/19 · Subscriber

The first call with Sarah was great - she's easy to chat with and provided new ways of thinking about moving forward

Kyla Conley

· 09/27/19 · Subscriber

Sarah is amazing. Every time I speak to her, I feel like I’m a boss and can achieve anything. She is strategic and an overall joy to work with!

Neethi Bangalore

· 06/07/19 · Coaching Intro

Sarah was really helpful in explaining the process of career coaching to me and how HireClub's services could help me enter the industry I was looking to enter. I actually got a job offer shortly after so I didn't end up having to utilize the full coaching services, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone feeling a little stuck in their job search.


· 05/20/19 · Subscriber

Sarah was helpful as always! Her thoughts and approach have essentially changed the way I approach job hunting (for the better :))

Catherine Goerz

· 04/04/19 · Career Coaching

I booked a one hour coaching session with Sarah when I was feeling stuck, unmotivated and unclear on next steps in my job search. After speaking with Sarah I felt supported, inspired and at ease. She offers two essential skills: 1) The ability to provide helpful and pragmatic insight into the technicalities of job searching - creating a strategy, submitting resumes, working with recruiters, and maintaining stamina throughout the process. 2) A warm and compassionate ear - Sarah is a great listener and provided a space where I could be real about the ups and downs of job searching. I had no idea how important it was to have someone listen to my fears and concerns and to have them allayed so thoughtfully. I was able to share my (false) assumptions about how recruiting and hiring worked and came away with a new, clarified and empowered perspective. I highly recommend Sarah!


· 03/21/19 · Coaching Intro

Sarah was great! Really friendly and easy to talk to.

Andrew Platt

· 02/11/19 · Subscriber

Sarah is the bomb!


· 02/04/19 · Subscriber

I've been coached by Sarah for two months and would recommend her! She is responsive to my messages and any questions that I have throughout my recruiting phase.

Farah Sharghi

· 11/07/18 · Career Coaching

Sarah is super professional and gave me tangible advice that I will use immediately. Really appreciate her expertise and will definitely speak with her again should I have something come up. Many thanks again!

Holly Miller

· 10/12/18 · Resume Review

Sarah gave specific that was helpful in my outreach to job prospects.


· 08/23/18 · Career Coaching

She offered several insights that I would not have thought of applying. She also helpfully followed up with written notes so I could review it later.

Aisling Kelly

· 06/01/18 · Resume Review

Sarah was encouraging and shared a lot of helpful information (and contact) for my current goals--thanks Sarah!

Danielle N

· 03/30/18 · Resume Review

In short, Sarah's fantastic. I hired her to help me prep for a huge interview, and I credit that session to me getting an offer! She provided feedback on my traditional interview responses, and helped me adjust them to best describe my experience and skills. I would highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone who is looking to grow. Thanks, Sarah! You da you da best.


· 12/16/17 · Resume Review

she was very insightful and knowledgeable and provided great improvements.


· 11/29/17 · Resume Review

Very helpful! Sorry for late review