What Services Does HireClub Offer?

HireClub Coaching Services

HireClub started over a decade ago as a Facebook group that helps people get jobs. While we still help people get jobs, we also help people throughout all stages of their careers, and provide executive coaching for leadership development. In addition, we provide leadership and outplacement coaching to organizations, and have several group coaching options.

Subscription Coaching

We offer several monthly 1-on-1 coaching subscription options for both career and executive coaching.

Career Coaching subscriptions,

  • Basic plan - 30 minutes of coaching a month
  • Pro plan - 60 minutes of coaching a month
  • Ultimate plan - 120 minutes of coaching a month

Executive Coaching subscriptions:

  • Executive 60 - 60 minutes of coaching a month
  • Executive 120 - 120 minutes of coaching a month

Sign up on a coach's profile or learn more about subscription coaching details and pricing options here: https://hireclub.com/subscriptions/new

Organizational Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching Program is brand new and designed to be an L&D add on for companies that want to provide 1-on-1 coaching as a professional development option for their mid to high level leaders.

Outplacement Coaching

This service is designed to be offered through employers as part of a severance package. Recently unemployed individuals meet with a career coach for 1-on-1 sessions that provide guidance around job search, as well as things like retirement or entrepreneurship. For more information, contact diantha@hireclub.com

Group Coaching

Our group coaching options are offered periodically throughout the year and launch dates will be announced in the HireClub Facebook group and Facebook page . You can learn more about these programs by clicking the links below.

Career Advancement for Women In Tech


Job Search Bootcamp


Single Sessions

To learn more about our single session coaching options, click here: https://hireclub.com/coaching/sessions