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Member of International Coaching Federation, Graduate of Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, Member of CHartered Institute of Personnel and Development (UK), Member of Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy

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I am a Brit living the dream in the US, emigrating to lead a global HR team with colleagues based in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. I have a passion for leadership development/coaching over 30 years in business development/manufacturing.

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About Coaching with Beverley

Beverley is a leadership and development coach with a passion to help clients realize their potential. She firmly believes that the coaching dynamic is designed to uncover your gifts, your passions and your lifestyle to illuminate how you want to work and live your life. It's a path of exploration, discovery, awareness building and discovery. In this process, you are the explorer and Beverley, as coach, is the navigator. Together, you chart a life that's rewarding and balanced, designing your personal journey with SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) criteria.

Like any coaching should be, when you work with Beverley, it's a confidential, personal, engaging process that's intentionally thought-provoking and creative. You gain more self-awareness and then make choices about where you want to head, what you want to develop and who you choose to be.

Using proven methodology, Beverley will help you to understand your strengths but perhaps more importantly reflect on what may be holding you back from realizing your potential. There may be some bumps along the road but through engagement and commitment on both your and Beverley's parts, the future offers so many positive possibilities, enabling your to be your best self.

About Beverley

Beverley has a proven track record of over 35 years in the HR field delivering business solutions across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. She has worked in many fields of HR - as business partner to C Suite Members and senior business teams, M&A, labor and employee relations, compensation and benefits and where her passion lies - leadership development and coaching.

Coupled her broad business experience, Beverley is a graduate from the University of London and an alumni of both Cornell University ILR School and Ashridge Executive Education/Hult International Business School.

Beverley is also a certified SCORE mentor - helping local small businesses grow and reach their goals.

She is an intuitive relationship builder and business partner who is versatile, culturally aware with a 'can-do' pragmatic approach and customer service skills.

She is an avid reader, traveler, linguist, lover of dance and theater and an aspiring piano player!


Stacy Passman

· 04/20/20 · Subscriber

Beverly is good at her job and a real cheerleader. She is getting me to rethink how I present myself via Linked and resume. She is helping me refine my thinking about where I might be happy working. I can't wait to see where she is leading me.


· 04/01/20 · Coaching Intro

I had a great first meeting with Beverley, she was encouraging and we discussed different angles of my situation, which is not easy as I recently moved to the US

Adrienne Yang

· 02/27/20 · Subscriber

Beverley helped me tremendously last minute with a phone interview. I just returned from a trip and had only a few hours to prepare for a phone interview. Beverley went above and beyond to help me. I'm a graphic designer with a lot of experience, but I feel I am not as strong talking about myself. She read through the job description and noted what they were looking for, summarizing the main points/aspects to focus on. She came up with typical questions they might ask and helped me work out the answers. I had a few examples written up to reference when I was on the call. It made me feel much more prepared and confident on the phone interview. Thank you so much!!

Emmanuel Delorme

· 02/26/20 · Subscriber

Beverly listens very well. She's easy to relate to and she knows what questions to ask to make you move forward. Every call is a step forward.

Mary Kunimune

· 02/07/20 · Subscriber

Every call with Beverley has been great - as we've gone through more sessions of coaching, she's been warm and encouraging but still focused on pushing me to represent myself in the best possible way to get to where I want to be. Her questions, suggestions, and feedback have been invaluable. I can't emphasize enough how helpful she has been!

Mary Kunimune

· 01/27/20 · Coaching Intro

Beverley was great to speak with. She asked clear questions, gave concrete examples, and gave me some specific feedback about areas I might want to look at and focus on with my job search. She was focused and clear with the value she (and Hireclub!) can bring via coaching without implementing any sales-type pressure. A very lovely call that made me feel confident and positive about the future!


· 12/18/19 · Resume Review

Beverley was very thorough, kind, and thoughtful in her advice on my resume. I valued her input and plan to implement all changes.

Adrienne Yang

· 12/04/19 · Subscriber

I have had 2 coaching sessions with Beverley so far. I decided to pick her as my coach because she was friendly and nurturing and has years of experience coaching. She is helping me determine what went wrong in my previous job, and list the things I would want in my ideal job. This has been so helpful for me, to break down the job search process into smaller steps. I'd definitely recommend Beverley if you like a softer nurturing style.


· 12/03/19 · Subscriber

My coaching session with Beverley was a positive experience. It was easy to talk to her, and she gave me several things to think about to help guide me through upcoming career decisions.

John Liz

· 11/20/19 · Coaching Intro

The intro coaching session with Beverley was amazing. She added value to my life in a few mins. Thanks for all your help, Beverley.