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Sandy is an experienced marketer and Harvard MBA, her work spans from start-ups to large tech (Adobe), also a founding team member of a top 10 ad agency. She has coached clients on leveling up their careers and if, how and why consider an MBA.

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Sandy is an experienced marketer with almost a decade of experience developing customer centric & data-driven marketing strategies for start-ups, large businesses & nonprofits across East Asia, New England, Silicon Valley and Vancouver. She is a Harvard MBA and a founding team member of TBWA Taiwan (Top 10 global ad agency), establishing the digital marketing department and built foundations growing the company to 50+ people. She is now running her own marketing consultancy focused on helping arts & cultural industries thrive through entrepreneurial management, technology & experiential marketing.

She believes in strategic and thoughtful experiments in finding a person's true calling. This belief has led her to transition her career from agency to in-house, from solely marketing to an MBA in general management, from being employed to entrepreneurship, all while moving to different geographies around the world.

Over the past 4 years, she has guided her clients to explore the "why" behind their career plans and how to build enough patience, motivation and courage to land that dream job. She also specializes in top MBA application prep. She believes that we all have the ability to live the full career we aspire to have, we all just need a little encouragement and recognizing our wins.


Diane Thao

· 06/24/19 · Coaching Intro

Sandy was very helpful during my call and really helped my confidence. I can't wait to search securing interviews again and apply tips from our call!


· 06/21/19 · Pro Plan

Not only did Sandy take her time to help me with a last minute mock interview for an call that I had scheduled for the next morning, she was thorough and immediately was able to identify my weaknesses in the interview process. She also followed up with some helpful information to help me prep for my interview, so I felt much better about the interview when it arrived.


· 06/20/19 · Coaching Intro

Sandy was great! Although it was just a 15 minute intro appointment, she spent significantly more time on it than that, taking time to look through jobs that I was interested in, reviewing my resume, etc. She took the time to address my concerns and provided solid feedback on how to move forward in my search. Highly recommend!