Benadette Mutisya

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Benadette Mutisya

Benadette works with all types of leaders to uncover their passion, talents and experience to create a foundation of confidence and become willing to take on even greater challenges .


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About Benadette Mutisya

Most people enter the workforce with little if any training on how to be a great leader. If they are good at their job and land a promotion, then they will likely manage a team without the knowledge to do it effectively. Plenty of smart, talented people get stuck on the corporate ladder simply because they are not effective leaders or team members.

Leadership skills are essential for high level growth and success in business both individual and organizationally. The good news is Leadership can be taught, developed and improved over time.

Benadette’s Background & Story…

As Benadette moved into more senior roles, she saw firsthand how leadership – or in some cases, the lack of it – was usually the biggest factor in determining the success or failure of the team, department or organization. As a result, she recognized a huge opportunity and became passionate about helping leaders change their behavior and the behavior of those they manage.

Her 14 year career trajectory at Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®), a non-profit and top-ranked global provider of leadership development, enabled her to develop her skills in training, talent acquisition, leadership development and change management to bring about lasting improvement in any organization that values growth.

Benadette Today…

As a Leadership Coach, Benadette works with all types of leaders to uncover their passion, talents and experience to create a foundation of confidence and become willing to take on even greater challenges. Using that foundation, she help leaders create measurable and actionable strategies to enhance motivation, improve mindset and increase accountability.

Benadette is passionate about helping individuals make significant transformations in their professional lives, which carries over into their personal lives. She has seen firsthand how that focusing on and strengthening leadership skills in individuals has a powerful and positive impact on behavior, communication and, most importantly for business, profits.

Benadette’s Coaching Style…

Coaching is more than just a game of questions and answers. Being able to listening attentively and ask the right questions is essential to any productive coaching relationship. Benadette knows how to create space for someone to look at his or her situation differently and as well uses a variety of coaching tools and techniques to create insight in oneself, define one's goals, generate new solutions and/or overcome inner and outer obstacles.

Benadette's Education...

Benadette completed her Master of Science in Leadership and Coaching degree from Bellevue University in 2017 where she mastered a unique blend of skills, including how to influence others and positively impact the performance of an organization.

She also has a B.A. from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a concentration in Marketing.

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Benadette is simply the best coach! I’ve been working with her for the past 3 months preparing a big salary adjustment meeting and she’s helped me build confidence and find my approach in a super positive way that is absolutely ME! Highly recommend working with Benadette if you’re looking for a nurturing and uplifting pathway to finding your voice in value adjustment conversations that are daunting!

star star star star star Dec 5, 2019
Coached By Benadette Mutisya

Benadette was very kind and she really listened to me. I felt like I was talking to my best friend that really wants me to do better. Will def be working with her in my future

star star star star star Aug 28, 2019
Coached By Benadette Mutisya

Extremely helpful and informative. Very encouraging.

star star star star star Aug 2, 2019
Coached By Benadette Mutisya