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Brooke Summers

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I'm a coach who loves helping people unlock their superpowers, land their dream role and negotiate their full value. I'm a wild polymath who has built a career around curiosity, authenticity and following my North Star. Let's go chase yours.

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What do you really want? How do you want to leave your mark on the world with the work you do? What bad-ass ninja skills do you have tucked away that will get you where you want to go (and then some)?

Hi, I'm Brooke. Nice to meet you!

I've worked in just about every industry - Start Ups, Government, Health Care, Higher Education, Media and Broadcast, SMBs, Ad Agencies - and explored many roles - Marketing Leadership, Channel Partnerships and Business Development, Entreprenurship, Design, UX, Global Media Strategy and Customer Acquisiton, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation, Advertising Tech, Social Media, and Demand Generation.

But truth be told, my true calling is Coaching. I'm passionate about helping people follow their North Star with fierce abandon. As a Neurodiverse woman who has navigated complex business environments across the globe, I believe every person has unique, powerful gifts that, when unlocked, give them the power to pursue their dreams.

I especially love helping women and Neurodiverse professionals (brains defined as having Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum, etc) to leverage their power and individualism in the workplace.

So what do you want? Where do you want to go? Let's find out and make it happen, together.


Mollie Hammar

· 08/28/19 · Coaching Intro

Brooke was very knowledgeable and relatable... and that was just the into call! I’m looking forward to working with her!


· 08/15/19 · Pro Plan

Brooke brings a lot of positive energy to our calls and good tips and suggestions of how to approach things. Now I just need to do the things!

Joanna Kennedy

· 07/31/19 · Coaching Intro

Brooke was fantastic! She put me at ease and really took the time to hear out my needs and explain the services. I've decided to sign up and look forward to working with her!


· 07/09/19 · Pro Plan

Brooke gave me excellent tips on being firm in my position and coming from a place of strength and confidence, knowing my value, and reminded me to trust my gut.