Gregory Narain

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Gregory Narain

I'm a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits and even more failures. I leverage 25 years as a founder to give direct, actionable advice on how to achieve success in work, life and health.

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About Gregory Narain

A lifelong entrepreneur, Greg has forced himself to acquire the skills, expertise, and experience required to succeed in every position (from solopreneur to CEO) and function (from designer to developer to sales).

His unique ability lies less in the specifics and more in the underlying patterns that inform our intuitions, drive our actions, and predict our progress. Greg helps founders and employees alike recognize their challenges and opportunities that are holding them back and that are yet to be obtained.

Greg's natural style is fluid, motivating, and optimistic cut with the directness of a New Yorker and the efficiency of a bootstrapper. He's only satisfied when doubts are turned into decisions or results.

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