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Jonathan Yankovich

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Certified Holacracy Coach, NLP Marin Masters Certification

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Jonathan has been building software for years and knows the challenges of being a software developer in a competitive market. Competition from peers, imposter syndrome, communicating with non-engineers; Jonathan has faced a number of challenges.

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After 8 years doing the startup grind in the Bay Area, Jonathan moved home to the midwest where he now coaches people on how to write good, readable code, and helps teams work better together by applying the principles of Holacracy and self-organizing business structures.

Jonathan coaches both junior and senior developers on career challenges pulling from years of experience as a developer, in addition to a deep knowledge of psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

We can work on behaviours, beliefs, or just getting to the root of what you really want.



· 11/08/19 · Coaching Intro

Thank you very much Jonathan for your time and speaking with me today. Jonathan was really helpful and listen to my challenges and help me to get the right package. Will be looking forward working with you.


· 10/30/19 · Coaching Intro

Jonathan clearly has development experience. He advised me on how I can present myself, and encouraged me to pursue technical interviews.