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Having trouble seeing the throughline in your life story? Making an unlikely leap between careers or positions? I went from IT to carpentry to IT to ministry to coaching and running a business. I help leaders with big personalities shine.

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If you've got a big personality--the kind that makes people say "ohh, you're a lot" or "you're too much", then you're my people. We (and the people who work with us) have unique challenges, unique skills, and unique opportunities. People need us! But sometimes they don't know it.

In order to succeed at work you have to know a few things: * what it looks like when someone else (like a hiring manager or a colleague) has a big personality, and what it looks like when they don't * what they want and what they hate * where you'll agree and where you'll clash

...but most importantly, you need to know what to do about it, without squashing yourself into a box that you can't survive in and can't get out of.

That's what I can help you do. Whether you're in a role and want to make it smoother or looking to get hired (or promoted) for something new, I can help you figure out how you might look to the people around you and what you can do to put your best foot forward without damaging anyone--including yourself.


Javier Carey

· 06/13/19 · Coaching Intro

Leela was encouraging and helpful. Referred me to coaches with backgrounds that would help my job search.