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M.A., CPC (Certified Professional Coach), ACC (ICF Associate Certified Coach), ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index- Master Practitioner)

Matt Mills is a certified professional coach who helps people find clarity and direction in their careers so they can achieve success doing work they love.

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Background: My professional background includes over 6 years working as a creative executive in the entertainment industry, then transitioning into Higher Education, where for over 7 years I coached hundreds of young creative professionals establish and build successful careers.

Who I coach: As a Certified Professional Coach, I specialize in helping clients who are: * Looking to establish a creative or entertainment career * Transitioning out of a creative or entertainment field * Want to make a career change (big or small) * Ready to reach the next level in their career

About Me: I help emerging professionals and leaders be bigger, better and bolder so they can make an impact doing work that they truly love.

I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the work they do, and over the past years I've helped hundreds of professionals gain the clarity in their career to get them from lost, stuck and frustrated, to fulfilled and successful in thriving career paths.

I am a runner, a traveler, and a seeker of adventure and challenge who is passionate about helping others discover their full potential and lead a career filled with passion and purpose that is aligned with your true strengths, values, desires, interests and skills.

If you're ready to make an impact doing work you love, I can get you there using proven methods, skills and experience that has helped many others discover and achieve their ideal career goals, and enjoy the journey along the way!


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