Career Growth for Women

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Career Growth for Women

A four-week online class that offers female-only peer support to get clarity on goals, identify barriers, and create strategies to grow your career.


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What could you become if you had access to a powerful female CEO and the support of other career-driven women helping you reach your career goals? (What glass ceiling?)

Every woman has the power to be a mover and a shaker! Just think of the possibilities if you removed limiting beliefs and embraced your true potential.

Now is the time to play bigger than you ever have. More empowerment, more satisfaction, more recognition – it’s all waiting for you. Don’t just reach for the stars… Grab them!

What’s Included in this Virtual Mastermind Class

  • Access to CEO, entrepreneur, and HireClub Career Coach Joyce West. Learn from the woman who has been the only female and minority executive at most of her companies, successfully sold her company to a large multinational corporation, and currently consults with companies as Interim VP of Sales.
  • Access to the exclusive HireClub's Career Growth for Women Community – a private, supportive space where women share ideas, process issues, and guide each other toward career goals.
  • Four one-hour live video sessions that you can participate in from anywhere:
    • Week 1: Aim Higher - Set Your Career Goals
    • Week 2: Breaking Through Career Challenges & Gaining Confidence
    • Week 3: Using Your Voice & Communication
    • Week 4: Salary Negotiation & Promotions

Why HireClub's Career Growth for Women Mastermind Class

Women are born changemakers. But our path to success is different from that of men. Our comprehensive fast track to career growth, designed exclusively for women, offers practical tips and proven advice for coming into your personal power and accelerating your career growth. Within the confidential peer group, you’ll receive the support of like-minded women who share your passions and fears to help you break through barriers.

Based on Career Coach Joyce West’s experience as a female CEO, entrepreneur, and executive, this women-only course offers engaging course material containing insight and techniques that will give you a competitive edge in all areas of your life. In a series of four one-hour live video sessions, we’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know to put you at the top of your game, including:

  • Clarity on your career goals and your personal path to success
  • Recognition and acknowledgement of your roadblocks, challenges, and self-limiting beliefs
  • Daily practices and techniques for building confidence
  • Techniques to assert yourself and communicate with authority
  • Structured role play around salary negotiation and promotions

Live Virtual Class Details

Class spans four weeks and is conducted via live video sessions.

Full participation in all four sessions is required (no recordings available).

Each time slot is limited to six participants.

Participants choose from one of two available time slots:

Tuesday 3-4pm PST (6-7pm EST) Session Dates

Feb. 4

Feb. 11

Feb. 18

Feb. 25

Wednesday 6-7pm PST (9-10pm EST) Session Dates

Feb. 5

Feb. 12

Feb. 19

Feb. 26

Who Would Benefit from this Class

Anyone who identifies as a woman who feels they want to go further in their career, but don’t know where to start. If you feel alone, isolated, or stuck in a career or position that isn’t maximizing all of your talents, we can help you break through and get to the next level. Do any of these goals sound familiar?

✓ Accelerating your career growth
✓ Getting a promotion
✓ Moving into management
✓ Gaining more influence in your organization
✓ Succeeding in a male-dominated workplace

If so, this class was designed for you!

All industries are welcome, and common industries have included tech, healthcare, engineering, biotech, pharmaceutical, finance, legal, real estate, manufacturing, and business consulting. Any role can benefit, and some of the most popular have been product management, program management, finance and accounting, sales and business development, marketing, operations, and customer success.

Weekly Online Classes at a Glance

Week 1: Aim Higher - Set Your Career Goals

What would you aim for if you knew you couldn’t fail? We’ll help you identify your tangible goals and what’s possible when you remove limitations placed on you by others or your own inner critic. Once you have defined your goals, you can start charting your path towards achieving them. When you can name the roadblocks, we’ll work together to identify actionable strategies to overcome them.

Week 2: Breaking Through Career Challenges & Gaining Confidence

Now that we’ve identified what’s holding you back, we’ll identify strategies to break through. We all know that our mindset can catapult us forward or hold us back. We’ll give you daily practices and exercises you can use to build your confidence, and also provide a framework and tools for taking away the power of your self-limiting beliefs. We’ll leverage the collective wisdom and resources of the confidential peer group to help process issues and navigate perceived and real barriers. We’re all in this together!

Week 3: Using Your Voice & Communication

Ever felt invisible in a meeting or job interview? Let’s talk about strategies to build influence, assert ourselves, and get respect. You’ll learn how to navigate difficult conversations, crush your job interviews, manage up, level-set with your peers, and manage like a boss.

Week 4: Salary Negotiation & Promotions

Let’s change how we talk about salary negotiation, raises, and promotions from just accepting what we’re offered to getting what we actually want. We’ll talk about how to research what you’re worth using multiple sources, and take you through the framework for structuring conversations around salary negotiation, asking for raises, and promotions. We’ll do roleplays to get us even more comfortable with these crucial, game-changing conversations.

Meet Your Coach: Joyce West

Serial entrepreneur and executive Joyce West has been moving corporate mountains since she started her first business in college and most recently sold her company to a large multinational conglomerate. To say she’s experienced is an understatement: She has coached at all levels – including CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, and managers and individual contributors. There is no one she can’t impact. With a strong belief that people do their best work when they’re having fun, she has a knack for instilling a positive abundance mindset in everyone she works with. She has recruited and hired hundreds of people in her career, and can help you find your unique edge to leave your competition in the dust.


“I’m extremely happy to be working with Joyce and feel lucky to have found a coach of her caliber through HireClub. I am a high-achieving mid-career professional and have leveled up with her guidance. She is a successful executive and very proactive and caring coach. She expertly balances our sessions between setting the right strategy to reach my goals and addressing any internal blocks that are holding me back. She’s open to feedback, too, if I need something different. If you want results, go to Joyce. You won’t regret it.”

“After Joyce helped me through the grind of the job search, negotiate an offer, and decide to decline the offer, I decided to stay at my current employer—but not before Joyce helped me secure a 15% raise and promotion. I am continuing my work with Joyce to help me plan strategically for my career and succeed (thrive) in my current role. Joyce and I talked about goal-setting, mind-mapping, and 2020 planning. She is always an amazing help. I am so fortunate to have found such an experienced and supportive coach!”

“I love talking to Joyce. She has great recall of our prior conversations so we can pick up where we left off, she asks great probing questions and based on my responses, always offers valuable advice. I feel like we are partners. Her coaching is building my confidence and getting me closer to my end goal of landing that dream job!”

“I’m happy to be working with Joyce! She has a huge sharing and caring heart together with exceptional professionalism. Energy, support, guidance and structure - I found everything what I was looking for.”

Code of Conduct

We want everyone to get the most out of the classes we offer. In order for participants to come away with their best path forward, we ask that you bring an open heart and a willingness to help others process sensitive issues in order to reach common goals. Everything discussed, including your personal life, needs to remain confidential within the group. Everyone needs to feel safe to explore difficult issues. We ask that you lift up your peers and keep all conversations private. We are more powerful together than we are alone!


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Loved it, thought everyone had great advice and it was interesting to have women facing different "problems" . I would have liked it if it was a little longer, as after catching up on the last week we usually only had about 30-40 minutes to dive into each week's theme.

star star star star star Mar 3, 2020
Coached By Joyce West