Job Search Guide

Hi, we're Ketan and Lisa, the founders of HireClub!

We've made this hiring guide to help you find a job in these trying times.

We've put together a list of which companies that are hiring and which companies have a hiring freeze.

Step 1 - Add Your Resume

If have you been affected by layoffs or furloughed, you can add your resume and we'll share it with the companies hiring right now.

Add Your Resume

Step 2 - Don't have an updated resume?

You can use our free resume builder to make a beautifully designed resume.
It's been battle tested with over 1000 companies and recruiters.
We've made it very easy to use and update.

Make a Resume

Step 3 - Update your LinkedIn

Now is a great time to update your LinkedIn to match your new resume.
Using a powerful, action oriented voice with metrics.

Step 4 - Focus on relationships.

Ultimately who you know is very powerful.
It's a great time to build and grow connections.
Whether through virtual coffee sessions or great messaging, reach out to people.
You'll be surprised how many people are willing to help, but you have to take action.

Hiring Tips from Our Coaches

Coach Mike Manoske

Use to search, but not by job title. Every word of every job description is indexed. This means you can for the attributes versus just the job title.

This broadens your search helping you possibly find new industries, companies or even a new role.

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Coach Skye Mercer

Now is the time to create a strategic job search plan and prepare for the rebound.

  1. Build your network- identify companies and people you want to network with. Also, find virtual networking groups. I've found networking opportunities to be more accessible now that it's happening virtually.
  2. Build an achievement-oriented resume. Spend some time building multiple versions of your resume targeted at the jobs you want.
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Pivot- consider contract work and other unique remote opportunities that will and are arising out of this crisis.

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Coach Lara Heacock

  • Nurture your network.
  • Make time to have virtual coffee with folks you haven’t been in touch with for a while.
  • Make a regular small peer or mastermind group that meets weekly to support each other in the search and share tips and info.

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Coach Sarah Frank

Now is the time to utilize your network. There's a saying I heard:

You're only 3 degrees from the person you need.

See who's in your network and can introduce you to the the next person who will get you to your end goal (a new job!)

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Coach Robert Carroll

Think about ways you can support your network.

What can you bring of value (job info, insight, support, etc) to your network? Give freely and you’ll receive more in the long run.

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Coach Kate Melton

You may have to wait longer than usual for responses from employers. Use the waiting period to build skills on LinkedIn Learning or another online platform or publish pieces on Medium to create dialogue about professional causes and issues you care about. They will all help to improve your overall candidate profile once hiring picks up!

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Coach Cassandra Moore

Assessing your core values is a good practice to adopt. We all have values that we live by. Some have a top 10, others have a total of 4 core values. What are your core values? Are you living up to these values? Is your life totally out of alignment with respect to your values? Are you targeting your job search to look at organizations that would allow you to fully live or align with your values? If not, why not? This is a reflective exercise which brings you back to home base. When you are unsure about where to take your career next or what company you want to work for, always remember your core values. If you don’t know your core values, start the work to get those answers. Once you know your values, consider how your career meshes with your values. It’s never too late to better understand your core values and align your career to them.

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Coach Sandy Liu

Be kind to yourself. This is a difficult time to process and find a new balance, acknowledge that it is indeed hard and you are doing the best you can. The world is stalling for a bit, take this as a rare opportunity to slow down, breathe and really assess your priorities. Create a crisis management plan:

  1. What are my values and what ideal ingredients do I want in my career? Force rank them.
  2. What do opportunities look like right now and will look like after the crisis? What jobs are here to stay?
  3. How do these opportunities align with my values and ideal ingredients? Narrow down on a list of targets or pivots.
  4. Design a plan for acquiring the missing skills or approaching the job search.

Most important of all cut yourself some slack, take care of yourself and allow yourself to take time. You'll realize you can move faster by slowing down.

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Coach Chris Heuer

Now that many local networking groups are going online to do more webinars (for free often), this is a chance to discover and engage with many more people who may provide the serendipity needed to land a new remote gig.

Is there a company you want to work for remotely, but that still has offices around the world? Start looking for appropriate special interest groups in those towns places where they have offices. Meetup is a great place to start, but do also simple google keyword searches on social media, and if you can, set up some sort of social listening technology, feed or list manager to bring it to you each day.

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Coach Will Murphy

Get good at networking virtually.

Look for professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn. Both platforms offer a wide range of options with groups for every profession.

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Coach Katia Suchkova

Approach your job search with the "give first" mindset.

Instead of applying in cold, connect with someone from the organization (LinkedIn), or leave a comment on their blog with suggestion, tip, offer, solution.

Don't give up, start a conversation, keep asking insightful questions and providing value first.

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Coach Katia Suchkova

It might be a good time for all of us to explore areas where we can re-invent ourselves. While it might be difficult to think outside the box, try to think around the box instead:

  • Take a look at the industries that are expanding now and will continue to do so after we out of this phase.
  • Create a list with three buckets: your accomplishments (outcomes for business/team that you drove), skills, and strengths.
  • Look back at the industries that are growing and circle accomplishments, skills and strengths that you think could be translated to these industries.
  • Find companies in those industries and use your circled items to re-imagine your "story", resume and personal notes you'll be writing to get in touch.

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Coach Sarah Frank

If you're having trouble getting traction in your search, it's okay to take a break.

If you're feeling restless while waiting for responses from jobs you've applied to, use that energy!

See how you can volunteer (safely!) Rescue pups still need to be walked, and communities are asking for help making masks.

Look for something that speaks to you, and volunteer!

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Coach Marie Smith

Develop a true niche specialty that is hard to find or replace.

Increase your value by finding out how to increase the bottom line of any business that you enter with your specialty and vision.

Often jobseekers do too much spray and pray with too many general skills waiting to be discovered like on a talent show.

Take control by doing more specific upskilling for a sustainable career and market yourself accordingly.

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Coach Joyce West

Don't forget to offer up just as much, if not more than, you ask for.

Help everyone you can; they will remember it and the good karma will come back around. Start with asking others how you can help them.

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