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The amount you may receive weekly is one twenty-third (1/23) of the highest quarter of taxable wages in your base period not to exceed the maximum weekly benefit amount allowed by Oklahoma law. Taxable wages are those wages during your base period that are subject to unemployment tax. This is a tax paid by your employer and is not taken from your paycheck. If monetarily eligible, the weekly benefit amount will not be less than $16.00 nor more than the maximum allowed by law.

In 2020 the maximum WBA is capped at $539.00. For example, if during your base period, your highest calendar quarter of taxable wages was $14,000, your weekly benefit amount would be $539. (Using this rule, $14,000 ÷ 23 = $608.70. The maximum benefit amount allowed by law for 2020 is $539, since $608.70 exceeds that amount, your weekly benefit amount would be $539.)

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